Set List Master

How It Works

Set List Masterâ„¢ is as subscription service that allows bandmates to collaborate and share setlists and song libraries. When you sign-up for an account you will be emailed credentials that will allow you to access the application.

Once you have the credentials you can login at

As the primary account holder, you can add additional users to your account. A basic subscription allows the addition of up to 5 additional users. Only the primary account holder can add/remove users from the account.

All account users share a common database of song titles. Meta data for song titles, however, is unique to each user. So…the vocalist doesn’t have to see BPM and the drummer doesn’t have to see lyrics. Or, put another way, back-up singers can store their own lyrics independent of those for the lead vocalist. pretty cool, eh?

Song titles can be added a couple of ways. You can add them ‘on-the-fly’ while building a setlist. You can import them from a spreadsheet or csv file (Users of our legacy Set List Master software can easily export their library to csv for use with the service). Or you can add them individually within the song library view.

When in Setlist view, use drag-and-drop to organize song titles. You can also use drag-and-drop to organize meta data to your liking. For metadata wysiwyg textareas you can grab an item anywhere to drag. For the smaller items, click within the dark badge area where data is displayed to grab the handle for those items.

Use the Gig View for performances (internet connection currently required…but we’re working on it!). You can adjust font size and the styles are designed for maximum readability in dark venues.

We hope you will find the user interface intuitive and easy to understand. Efforts will be ongoing to supplement and improve the service. We will be launching some ‘how-to’ videos soon as well so stay tuned.screenshot-gig-opt

Rock On!