Set List Master


Set List Master is pretty easy to use. But to make it even easier to get up and running, we’ve listed a few common questions and answers below:

Set List Master is an application you download and install on your computer that helps musicians easily create, share and print out set lists for gigs. For more information, see How It Works.
We’ve built a Punchlist site section to allow folks to keep tabs on our development efforts. If you have something to add…or just want to help us prioritize…please use our Contact form to share.
Yes, it works on both. Set List Master is an Adobe AirĀ® application, so it is computer platform independent. For more information, visit Adobe Air.
In the version 2 release of our software, the adobe air runtime comes bundled in the native Set List Master installer. So there is no need to install adobe Air independently.
Once you have completed the purchase you’ll receive the license key via email. Just copy it from the email and paste into the registration area once you start up Set list Master. The registration area is located in the ‘About’ section of the application.
No. The application includes the ability to export sets in a PDF format that can be shared with your bandmates.
Yes. Set List Master offers the option to print to PDF. Simply save the PDF to your computer and email it away. Your recipient will not be able to modify the PDF though.
Yes. In fact, we dramatically improved this capability in version 2 for the spreadsheet lovers out there. You need to establish proper headings for your columns and then export to .csv file format first. Simple as that. More info here.

Now that’s a great question. You may have to rely on your own talent for that, but we’ll do what we can.

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