Set List Master

New Features: Guitar Tabs Meta

Posted on: July 18th, 2014 by Darwin

In Set List Master v3 we worked hard on improving meta data management for song titles. One of the great new features is the ability to to use a wysiwyg editor to store lyrics, tabs, and comments.

I just finished quickly adding one of my favorite titles to my band’s Set List Master account and thought I’d share the process:

  1. Login to Set List Master
  2. Click on ‘Songs’
  3. Click the ‘+’ push button next to ‘Song Library’ heading
  4. Enter your song title in the field and click Add Song.
  5. If you’re like me you have LOTS of song titles in your library so your new title may get lost after you add it. Simply use the Search form field to call up your new title. In my case…the title is ‘I Know A Little’.
  6. Click on the tag icon to reveal the Add Meta window.
  7. From the drop-down, choose Tabs. Note: if you don’t see tabs in the drop-down it means you already have tabs defined for this song title. Remove the old tab first.
  8. Click save to install placeholder text. Then you can use the wysiwyg editor in the larger main screen.
  9. Now, without closing your browser’s current tab, launch a new browser tab. Using google in the new tab, I searched for ‘ I Know A Little’ tab.
  10. Once I located the tab I wanted from one of the online tab repositories, I click on ‘Print Tab’. What this does is reveal a clean version of the tab I can copy and paste to Set List Master. On a PC, use ctrl-a to select all text for the tab, then click ctrl-c to copy.
  11. Now…go back to the browser tab where you left Set List Master, click on the Edit icon for the Tab meta, click within the wysiwyg editor, then ctrl-v to paste.
  12. Done!

Now you’ve got that tab associated with the song title. Any time the song title is placed in a setlist…the tab comes along with it. Good stuff!